Supporting our community

Our ethos of support doesn’t just apply to our clients. Pentest is a firm believer in supporting our staff and the communities in which we work. We set aside 25% of our consultant’s working time to training and development, research projects, pro bono work and to community education. Not only does this keep our consultant’s skills up to date but it also allows us to pass on our expertise.

> staff training and development

Information security is a constantly evolving landscape and it’s vital that our consultants keep up to date with the latest threats, techniques and tools in order to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of work.

We set our consultants personal training and development goals, providing them with the time and resources they need, whether they are working towards industry recognised certifications or conducting individual study projects.

Time is also set aside time for our consultants to attend industry conferences such as BlackHat, Defcon, BSides and SteelCon to name a few. We see these as vital opportunities for our consultants to learn more about the latest developments in our industry.

Finally, we encourage our consultants to take part in high-profile Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges, such as the Hack-A-Sat challenge run by The United States Air Force. These challenges give us a chance to learn, develop our skills in new areas and to put ourselves to the test against some of the best CTF teams in the world.

> infosec community

The Information Security community is a close knit one and it’s one that openly encourages the sharing of knowledge and ideas to benefit everyone. We are proud members of this community and regularly speak at events such as DEFCON Glasgow, BSides Manchester & Scotland, OWASP Newcastle and many more.

We also contribute by designing and running CTF challenges for the community to take part in. Our CTFs are designed to mimic vulnerabilities that we find in our real-world penetration testing and red teaming engagements and seek to replicate them faithfully, allowing others to learn and develop their skills.

> giving back

As a company we like to support good causes and initiatives in a number of ways:

pro bono work

Our aim is to provide over £20,000 of information security work on a pro bono basis annually and we work with organisations, and charities, which we believe are doing important work. Work that will benefit us all as a society.

Examples of the pro bono work we have conducted include:

> JoinZoe, Covid19 symptom tracker application
> Xploro, health information platform to deliver information to young patients
> The University of Edinburgh, Coronogenes study


Due to the increase of bug bounty programmes, it is becoming increasingly common that our research disclosures come with a financial reward. In 2020, Pentest Ltd chose Barnardo’s as our sponsored charity and any bug bounty reward we receive is donated to the charity.

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