Whatever your company’s crown jewels, you need to protect them

The increase in GDPR fines has rightly captured the attention of organisations and brought the issue of data protection to the top of many agendas. But is a GDPR fine truly the worst case scenario when it comes to a data breach?

What would happen if an attacker was able to gain access to your organisation’s crown jewels, the assets, data and sensitive information that your company relies on to operate? 

Your organisation’s crown jewels aren’t just important, they’re critical and if they were stolen or made unavailable, for even the shortest time, it could mean huge financial loss, and in the worst cases, could potentially jeopardise the future of your business. (Take a look at Codan example in the guide below)

So, how safe is your organisation’s most sensitive information?

Don't let hackers hit you in the crown jewels

How do you protect your company’s vital assets from malicious threats such as hackers?

Our guide outlines the four steps you need to be taking to help ensure your organisation’s crown jewels are as protected as possible.

Could hackers really gain access to your
organisation's critical information?

Red Team Case Study - Pentest - Information security assurance

We recently simulated a real-world attack for one of our clients.

The resulting case study shows, step by step, how it was possible for our consultants to go from web app vulnerability to domain level access on the organisation’s network.

Let Pentest help protect your crown jewels

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