map internal & external IP addresses, analyse where IP leak paths may exist

One of the fundamental IT security challenges within large organisations is the shadow IT ‘visibility gap’ between assumed, or known infrastructure, and what actually exists today; if you can’t see a legitimate device on your network then how can you properly defend it?

Similarly, if you are missing legitimate devices, are you also missing unauthorised devices too, or could any of those anonymous devices provide backdoors into the network that leaves your infrastructure exposed and vulnerable?

Whether as a result of merger/acquisition activities, personnel changes or infrastructure changes over time, on average it is estimated that the ‘shadow IT’ visibility gap in large organisations is around 40% of the total network infrastructure.

A healthy step towards a solid IT security strategy is to build an accurate 360-degree view of connected devices in real-time, so that informed decisions can be made based on accurate data.

The benefits of our estate discovery service

Understand your
full estate

Our estate discovery service provides real-time visibility of connected devices across your entire estate and the output can easily be shared with internal tools such as a SIEM solution to validate asset lists, etc.

Combined service

Our solution consists of both software tooling and security consultancy services. This allows you to undertake an assessment and/or deploy suitable tooling in an environment.

Tailored to
your organisation

We tailor our service to your organisation, whether you are looking for a one-off infrastructure assessment, regular support for ongoing audit schedules or need help to achieve ongoing real-time visibility.

Why choose us

We act as a trusted adviser, not just a test provider. So, whether it’s your first test or you’ve conducted hundreds, our team are dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible, to pass on their wealth of expertise and to provide you with the information security support you need.

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Dedicated account management

Services tailored to your organisation

Comprehensive, quality assured reporting

Unrivalled post-engagement support

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