putting you on the path towards information security peace of mind

Information security is difficult, there are many areas to consider, a constantly evolving threat landscape, countless potential attack vectors to secure and a host of potential security ‘solutions’ on offer. With so much to think about, it’s no wonder that many organisations are unsure on which way to turn, or what the most effective route is to take. 

This is especially the case for companies who may have never considered information security before or who have been required to act due to legislation or regulatory compliance such as GDPR, PCI DSS or ISO/IEC 27001 

Our information security consultancy service is designed to put you on the right path, to provide you with a clear picture of your current position, demonstrate the potential attacks routes open to malicious threats and to give you the expert advice you need to make informed decisions.

the benefits of our information security consultancy

Understand your current position

Our consultants work with you to gain an overview of your business, the key areas of your operation, the potential threats you face and any security measures you currently have in place. This information will allow our consultants to identify potential areas for concern and to investigate these further.

Prioritise your security efforts

Once we have a clear picture of your security posture, our consultants will work with you to identify the key areas at risk, identify areas that will deliver real security benefits and provide you with a roadmap for future information security improvements that will ensure you get the best possible results from the resources you have.

Help gain security buy-in

Obtaining budget for security can be difficult and senior management will often want to understand the current situation, the dangers posed to the organisation and details of any spend before they consider the request. Our consultancy service can help provide this information, supporting your case for additional funds.

our approach

Every consultation goes through a rigorous process, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your business. Below we outline the key stages: 

Information security consultancy | Pentest

1. project initiation

We work with you to fully understand your organisation and the desired outcomes of our consultancy service.

2. proposal & prerequisites

A proposal will be drawn up outlining the planned Statement of Works (SOW) and the information required prior to the engagement.

3. engagement

Our consultancy service will be delivered in-line with the requirements set out in the previous stages.

4. report & road map

A comprehensive report will be delivered, this will contain a breakdown of the areas discussed during the consultation and a detailed road map for future information security improvements.

5. post engagement support

Our consultants will be available after the report has been delivered to offer guidance on any aspect of the report, as well as improvement efforts.

6. further testing

Once the initial road map has been completed, we can work with you to understand any potential future requirements and to prioritise your next steps.

why choose us

Our information security consultancy service is designed to support your improvement efforts. Our team are dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible, to pass on their wealth of expertise and to deliver long-term value to you and your organisation.

experience and expertise

Our team of security consultants have years of experience in information security consultancy and testing, we have worked with hundreds of companies to improve their security posture and help them work towards information security peace of mind.

tailored to your business

No two organisations are the same and our service is tailored to your exact business requirements. Our service can be delivered onsite or remotely, and every organisation is appointed a dedicated account manager to ensure the process runs smoothly.

post engagement support

Our expert consultants will be available after the report has been delivered to answer any questions you may have, to share their expert knowledge, and to provide support to internal development teams or external suppliers.  

added value

Value is about more than just cost. Our value comes from scoping engagements accurately, our detailed reports, providing your team with post-test support, the expert knowledge we impart and by going above & beyond the tick box deliverables used by other information security providers.  

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