Wireless network

protecting your onsite wireless networks

Organisations will often operate several distinct Wi-Fi networks from a single site. A typical setup may include a staff network, a guest network and potentially a dedicated network for connected IoT devices such as printers.

The primary risk relating to Wi-Fi networks is that a compromised network may be used as an initial foothold from which to attack the rest of the organisation. Certain Wi-Fi attacks can also be used to steal user credentials.

While Wi-Fi attacks require physical proximity to the target, this is typically not a barrier for a dedicated attacker. This is because Wi-Fi signals often extend beyond the physical perimeter of a site and specialist equipment can provide attackers with a much greater signal range.

How is our testing delivered?

Wireless network testing is delivered onsite and our consultants will look to evaluate the security posture of your wireless networks from within the premises and beyond the perimeter of your site.

What we test

Our wireless testing is tailored to your requirements and our consultants can evaluate the following areas:

Rogue access points

Insecure router configuration settings

WPS weaknesses

Insecure wireless encryption

Improper network segregation

Susceptibility to wireless attacks such as Evil Twin attacks

Our approach to wireless testing

Every wireless network test goes through a rigorous process to ensure you get the best possible results. Below we outline the key stages:

1. Scoping

We work closely with you and your team to define your exact requirements, to understand your desired goals and to gain comprehensive knowledge of the Wi-Fi networks to be reviewed.

2. Proposal & prerequisites

A bespoke proposal of work will be drawn up based on your requirements, our experience and our consultant’s expertise. This proposal will outline our recommended test approach and provide details of the number of days we feel are needed to investigate the target networks thoroughly.

We will work with you to ensure this proposal meets your exact requirements and once authorised; we will outline any necessary prerequisites that are needed to ensure testing starts on time.

3. Testing

Testing will commence on the agreed date and our consultants will communicate with you throughout the test, to your set requirements.

All our testing is conducted manually, and our consultants will look to identify as many issues as possible in the time allotted, verifying whether these could be exploited.

4. Reporting

A comprehensive, quality assured report of our findings will be delivered within 5 days of the test finishing. Our reports can be tailored to your needs, providing both a technical and managerial overview of findings, as well as our detailed remediation advice.

5. Post-test support

Our job doesn’t finish on the delivery of the report, your test consultant will be available after the test to explain any aspect of the report, as well as provide remediation support to internal teams and/or external suppliers.

6. Retest

You have the option to retest, ensuring reported vulnerabilities have been addressed.

7. Evidence of testing

Many of our clients need to supply evidence of testing for security assurance purposes. We can supply documentation which will provide these assurances to internal and/or external stakeholders.

Why choose us

We act as a trusted adviser, not just a test provider. So, whether it’s your first test or you’ve conducted hundreds, our team are dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible, to pass on their wealth of expertise and to provide you with the information security support you need.

Penetration test experts since 2001

Dedicated account management

Comprehensive, quality assured reporting

Unrivalled post-test support

Optional retest of issues

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