protecting your wireless networks

Organisations will often operate several distinct wireless networks from a single site. A typical setup may include a staff network, a guest network and potentially a dedicated network for embedded devices.

The primary risk relating to Wi-Fi networks is that a compromised network may be used as an initial foothold from which to attack the rest of the organisation. Certain Wi-Fi attacks can also be used to steal user credentials.

While Wi-Fi attacks require physical proximity to the target, this is typically not a barrier for a dedicated attacker. This is because Wi-Fi signals often extend beyond the physical perimeter of a site and specialist equipment can provide attackers with a much greater signal range.

the benefits of wireless network testing

prevent wider cyber-attacks

Vulnerable wireless networks can often provide attackers with an initial foothold as part of a wider attack against your organisation. Our testing can not only determine whether it is possible for an attacker to gain entry to your network, but also to what degree they could propagate after having already gained access. 

protect your company reputation 

A compromised wireless network can ultimately lead to financial, operational and reputational damage. Wireless networks therefore need to be tested on a regular basis, helping to protect your organisation and potentially client data from damaging cyber threats. 

uncover vulnerabilities & prioritise efforts

Testing allows you to identify and classify your most critical vulnerabilities, providing you with vital remediation advice. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your security and to effectively prioritise your improvement efforts. 

provide security assurances and compliance

The aim of wireless testing is to provide you, and any regulatory bodies, with assurances that effective defences are in place and that networks are deployed in a secure manner.

what we test

Our wireless testing is tailored to your requirements and our consultants can evaluate the following areas:

  • Rogue access points
  • Insecure router configuration settings
  • WPS weaknesses
  • Insecure wireless encryption
  • Improper network segregation
  • Susceptibility to common wireless attacks such as Evil Twin attacks

our approach

Every wireless network test goes through a rigorous process, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your organisation. Below we outline the key stages our testing goes through:

Penetration testing approach - Pentest - Information security assurance

1. scoping

We work with you to fully understand your organisation, the wireless networks in question and the desired test outcomes.

2. proposal & prerequisites

A proposal will be drawn up outlining the planned scope of work and the preparation needed to start testing.

3. testing

Our consultants are given access to the site, using their expertise to evaluate the network from a security standpoint.

4. ongoing communication

Our consultants will communicate with you throughout the test, to your set requirements.

5. reporting

A comprehensive, quality assured report of test findings will be delivered.

6. post-test support

Our consultants will be available to offer guidance on any aspect of the report, as well as remediation efforts

7. retest

You have the option to retest, ensuring reported vulnerabilities have been addressed.

why choose us

Our wireless tests are designed to support your overall information security efforts. It’s this support that truly sets us apart and our team is dedicated to reducing your cyber threat, to pass on our wealth of expertise and to provide you with the security assurances you need.

experience and expertise

Our team of security consultants have years of experience and a depth of expertise in wireless network testing. We invest significant time into security research projects, honing and developing skills which allow our consultants to deliver the best possible results for your organisation.

dedicated contact throughout

Every organisation we work with is appointed a dedicated account manager. Our account managers understand the complexity of coordinating tests and will work with you to ensure your test runs smoothly.

testing tailored to your business

No two organisations are the same and neither are our wireless tests. We work closely with you to fully understand your goals, the networks in question, the security challenges, operational needs and priorities before we undertake any work.

quality reporting

Every penetration test report undergoes an internal QA process and is peer reviewed. Our reports provide you with a managerial overview of findings, an in-depth technical review of the vulnerabilities found and our remediation advice.

post-test support

Our job doesn’t finish on the delivery of a report and our expert consultants will be available to answer any questions, to share their expert knowledge, and to provide remediation support to internal development teams or external suppliers.  

optional retest

We can provide an optional retest into our testing, making sure issues have been understood and remediation efforts have been implemented as effectively as possible. 

added value

Value is about more than just cost. Our value comes from scoping engagements accurately, our detailed reports, providing your team with post-test support, the expert knowledge we impart and by going above & beyond the tick box deliverables used by other information security providers.

contact us

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