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High net worth individuals and public figures can be lucrative targets for criminals. But security isn’t all about protecting physical assets, information security is also vital, and tech savvy attackers can use a variety of routes to potentially compromise sensitive personal information. 

High-profile figures often have a large media presence, but a low understanding of their personal information security, this can be a dangerous combination. 

At Pentest Ltd we offer several services to ensure high net worth individuals are as protected as possible. 

our personal information security services

asset security review

Connected devices such as mobile phones, security cameras and home entertainment systems can be vulnerable to attack from malicious online threats. Our asset security review can identify potentially vulnerable assets within the home or personal office environment, checking that the correct security controls are in place and that any device is properly segregated.

network infrastructure testing

The aim of infrastructure testing is to ensure that effective defences are in place and that networks, both personal and business, are deployed in a secure manner. It also determines whether it is possible for an attacker to gain entry to a network, what they could access and to evaluate the potential fallout of such unauthorised access.

open source intelligence (OSINT)

Attackers often use publicly available information sources, such as social media, to gain insights that will allow them to launch a convincing attack on a target, members of their family or close friends.

Our OSINT service is designed to highlight any publicly available information that could be used by these malicious threats.

web application testing

High profile individuals often have personal websites and blogs to communicate with their followers, they can also be involved in several personal business ventures which may use web applications. Our application testing allows you to identify and classify application vulnerabilities, providing a full picture of the associated risks, as well as our remediation advice.

SOC (Security Operations Centre)

Our dedicated SOC services help detect failed login attempts on critical assets, scan for data breaches that may expose sensitive information and employs agents on endpoints, or in networks, to monitor for potentially malicious activity.

secure services

We can offer a range of secure services, from email solutions to secure servers.

social engineering simulation

Social engineering techniques can be an extremely effective attack method, imitating legitimate companies, contacts or websites to trick targets in to disclosing personal information.

The aim of our social engineering simulations is to understand what types of social engineering attacks may be effective on key individuals and to educate them on what to look for.

why choose us

experience and expertise

Our team of security consultants have years of proven experience and a depth of expertise in information security. We invest significant time in security research projects, honing and developing skills which allow our consultants to deliver the best possible results.


Confidentiality is key in our line of business and all our work is covered by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

dedicated account support

Every client is appointed a dedicated account manager to oversee the process and will work with all relevant parties to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

remediation support

Our consultants will be available after our services have been delivered to offer guidance on any aspect of the report, as well as to provide support for your remediation efforts.

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