Supporting those who support us all – JoinZoe

As a company we’re used to ‘working from home’, online meetings aren’t a novelty and the vast majority of our test engagements are performed remotely. It would be easy to say it’s business as usual at this point, but it’s not.

There is nothing ‘usual’ about the situation that we, or the world, finds itself in. Business is far from usual and the concept of working from home has changed dramatically. As one quote put it recently, “You’re not working from home, you are at home, during a crisis, trying to work”.

But we’re the lucky ones. We can stay at home and continue working; others don’t have that luxury and are out there in hospitals, in schools and in stores, working tirelessly to do all they can to save lives and keep us going.

Support has always been at the heart of our company culture, supporting our clients to improve their information security, supporting our staff and supporting the infosec community. But in difficult times such as these, like many others, our team wanted to do more. To support those who are helping support us all during this time.

That’s why we are extremely proud to have teamed up with JoinZoe to assist them with the security of their COVID-19 symptom tracking app on a pro bono basis (see their security blog here).

Designed by doctors and scientists at King’s College London and Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals, the symptom tracker app is being used to advance vital research on COVID-19, allowing scientists to better understand the symptoms, track how fast it spreads and identify those most at risk.

“It’s at times like these you truly realise the important work companies, organisations and individuals are doing. We want to do all we can to assist at this time and are extremely proud to be working with JoinZoe to assist some of the country’s top scientists.” Paul Harris, Managing Director, Pentest

“Pentest was able to quickly assemble a team to assess the security of the COVID Symptom Tracker platform. Their advice was relevant, practical and timely and their team was a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them as a partner.” – Julien Lavigne du Cadet, Director of Engineering, JoinZoe

We see this as a good start, but we want to do more. So, if you’re providing a vital service during this pandemic and have concerns over information security, we want to help in any way we can –

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