Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Information Security

Providing the cybersecurity assurances needed during the Merger & Acquisition due diligence process

Our mergers & acquisitions service

Information security should be a key part of any Merger & Acquisition due diligence process, providing those involved with the opportunity to identify and manage potential information security risks before proceeding. 

Over the years, we have worked with numerous companies during the M&A process and fully understand the cost & reputational implications of acquiring software applications, or additional infrastructure, without thorough investigation. 

So, whether you’re looking to demonstrate credibility to potential buyers, discover the resilience of a proposed technology acquisition or wish to assess the security posture of a potential merger opportunity, we’re here to provide you with the valuable information security services you need. 

Demonstrate credibility to potential buyers

We work with companies looking to attract M&A opportunities, helping improve their security posture to withstand the scrutiny of the due diligence process and helping them demonstrate credibility to prospective buyers.

Obtain information security assurances

Our service can provide you with the information security assurances you need as part of your Mergers or Acquisitions due diligence process, giving you the confidence that security risks identified have been mitigated before completion.

Protect your investment & reputation

An information security breach can lead to financial, operational & reputational damage. Conducting information security due diligence will help you to mitigate these risks, ensuring your investment is as secure as possible.

What we review

Our M&A service will be tailored to each engagement and will be based on your exact requirements. Whilst every engagement is different, examples of what we can review include: 

Network Reconnaissance

One of the fundamental IT security challenges with acquiring an organisation is the shadow IT visibility gap’ between assumed, or known infrastructure, and what exists. Our network reconnaissance service provides real-time visibility of connected devices across an entire network, providing you with a full picture of the potential risks.

Infrastructure (External & Internal)

Our network infrastructure testing is designed to investigate external networks (publicly facing networks) and/or internal networks (the servers, devices and software that make up the internal networks), identifying security issues to ensure effective security measures are in place. 

Applications (Web & Mobile)

Our application testing is aligned with industry standards such as OWASP and will look to identify, and classify, as many issues as possible within a target application. This will provide a full picture of the associated risks and our remediation advice, whether looking to acquire the software itself or the wider organisation. 

Red Teaming

A red team engagement is designed to simulate a likely real-world threat, demonstrating if it is possible for an attacker to gain access to an organisation and its most sensitive assets. This type of testing goes much deeper, looking at the broad organisation rather than a specific network infrastructure or application. 

Not sure what type of testing you need?

Our team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide a no obligation proposal based on your needs.

Our approach to Merger & Acquisition penetration testing

Every M&A engagement goes through a rigorous process to ensure you get the best possible results. Below we outline the key stages our engagements go through: 

1. Client Focused Scoping

We work closely with you to fully understand your business, the M&A process, and your desired outcomes, before putting forward a bespoke test proposal.

2. Expert Manual Testing

Testing will commence on the agreed date and our consultants will communicate with you throughout the engagement, to your set requirements.

3. Tailored Reporting

Reporting isn't just a piece of paper, it's an ongoing process. We tailor our reporting to you, whether you need in-test notifications, ticket integration or a bespoke test report.

4. Post-Test Support

Our job doesn't finish on the delivery of a report. We make our consultants available after your test to provide clarification on findings & pass on their wealth of expertise.

5. Fix Check & Documentation

A fix check can be employed to ensure issues found have been successfully remediated & additional documentation can be supplied for assurance purposes

6. Ongoing Partnership

We see ourselves as trusted advisors and welcome clients contacting us outside of testing, providing honest advice on security issues wherever we can.

Like the sound of our approach?

You can find out more about our test process and why it sets us apart.

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