Secure Coding Workshop

Training developers to protect their applications, and their organisations, through secure coding.

What is our Secure Coding Workshop?

Designed and delivered by experienced web application security practitioners, our Secure Coding Workshop provides software development teams with the knowledge and skills they need to improve the security of their web applications, and their organisation, through coding.

Utilising hands-on lab environments and real-world tools & techniques, our Secure Coding Workshop provides attendees with a theoretical & practical understanding of common web app vulnerabilities and their root causes, helping them develop secure coding practices to avoid these potentially damaging issues arising.

Workshop Information

Secure Coding Workshop Overview

Our Secure Coding Workshop is split into three sessions throughout the day:

1. Common Vulnerabilities

Using the common vulnerabilities we find during penetration testing, we explore how hackers can detect and exploit such issues, investigate the coding errors that cause them, and explore the secure coding patterns that can prevent them.

2. Access Control

Access control is critical to web applications and in this section, we look at how users can be authenticated, and requests authorised, ensuring only permitted access is allowed. This includes password management best practice and common authorisation flaws.

3. Modern Web Security

We investigate the security features of modern browsers, such as Content Security Policies, Sub-Resource Integrity, and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, highlighting the common configuration issues that need to be addressed.

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