Red team
(Adversary simulation)

assess the impact of an attack on your organisation

Our red team engagements simulate likely real world threats, showing how it would be possible for an attacker to gain access to your organisation and demonstrate the damage they could do once inside, typically without being detected.

Red teaming takes a much broader approach than penetration testing, not just uncovering vulnerabilities, but showing how these could be exploited and chained together in order to achieve a set goal. Our goals are typically linked to your business critical assets, such as intellectual property or production systems, and would therefore be highly impactful to your organisation if a threat actor was able to gain access to them.

This type of assessment would be extremely useful for organisations of all sizes who wish to test their defences against real-world attacks, who have critical business assets they need to protect and to those looking to assess the business impact of a breach.

The benefits of red team engagements

Simulate a
real-world threat

Our red team engagements are designed to simulate likely real-world threats, demonstrating how a threat could gain entry to your organisation and the potential consequences of them doing so.

Test your

Implementing security technology can be expensive, but can it truly detect a breach? We'll put your defences to the test and help you find out.

Ensure your critical
assets are protected

What are your organiation’s most important assets? Intellectual property? Production systems? Financial information? Our red team engagements can provide you with the assurance that these are as protected as possible.

Uncover unknown vulnerabilities

Red teaming has a much broader scope than other security tests and will help you uncover a host of unknown vulnerabilities within your organisation.

Understand business impact & obtain buy in

Red teaming will help you fully understand the business impact of a breach and help support any request for additional security funding.

Support your security
improvement efforts

Following our engagement, we will work closely with your internal and external teams to improve your security posture, as well as your response to a breach.

Where do we start?

Red team engagements are tailored to your needs and will look provide maximum benefit to your organisation in the allocated time. One way we can tailor our red engagements is through our starting position:

Black box approach

This mimics a real-life attack scenario, where we have basic knowledge of the organisation but have no prior access. This is typically used by clients who wish to find out how a malicious threat could gain access to the organisation from the outside.

Assumed compromise approach

This approach assumes that an attacker has somehow managed to gain a certain level of access to an organisation and is typically used by clients to fully understand what the attacker can achieve from this starting position.

What we test during a red team

Our consultants will look to gather information from multiple sources, utilise various techniques and attempt numerous routes in order to achieve their set goalThe routes we use are dependent on the scope set, but can include a combination of:


Your digital estate is often bigger than you think. Every connected device, website, application & server provides a potential way in. Our consultants will look to understand your estate, probing and testing to exploit potential opportunities. 


Staff can be your strongest line of defence, but they can also be your weakest link. Our consultants can use a variety of methods, such as social engineering and open source intelligence (OSINT), to attempt to obtain credentials and gain a foothold on your network.

Physical security

Our team are experienced in conducting physical red team operations and, if instructed, can look to manipulate their way into premises. Once inside they will attempt to gain access to sensitive areas, or confidential information unchallenged.


Once inside your organisation, our security consultants will look to expose any poor security practices and controls, that when exploited will result in a security breach. Allowing them to further their attack and work towards their overall goal.

Our approach to red teaming

Our approach will be unique to your organisation, your security posture, the digital estate and the goals set. Broadly speaking, each assessment will go through the following stages:  

1. Scoping & prerequisites

We will work with you to the ensure that the goals set are beneficial to your organisation, the scope of the engagement has been clearly defined, communication requirements set, and everything is in place before we start the test.

2. Testing

Our testing typically goes through the following stages: Planning > Passive reconnaissance > Active reconnaissance > Vulnerability identification > Exploit > Post-exploitation > Purple Comms.

3. Ongoing communication

We will communicate with you throughout the engagement, to your set requirements, updating you on progress and discussing potential future actions.

4. Reporting

A full test report will be delivered at the end of the assessment, providing an in-depth review of findings & a timeline of activity that took place.

5. Post-test support

We provide access to our consultants after the report has been delivered, allowing you to address specific concerns and to provide remediation advice.

6. Retest

We offer an optional period of retesting to allow you to verify issues have been mitigated successfully.

Red teaming - a Pentest case study

Could our consultants, and therefore malicious threat actors, really gain access to your organisation’s critical information?

The following case study shows, step by step, how we were able to go from web app vulnerability to domain level access during a red team engagement. 

Why choose us

We’re more than just a test provider, we’re here put your security to the test and to support your ongoing information security improvements. It’s this support that truly sets us apart and can be seen at every stage of our red team process, from our scoping right through to post-test access to consultants. 

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