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Labs is the place to discover our latest technical research, advisories, tool releases and challenges.

Labs projects

Research projects and challenges are an important part of our business. Not only does it help keep our consultants skills up to date, it allows us to pass on our wealth of expertise to clients, as well as the wider Infosec community.

Take a look below at our latest projects below:


We invest significant time in security research projects, honing and developing skills which allow our consultants to deliver the best possible results. 


Take a look at the latest vulnerabilities discovered by the security consultants at Pentest and our advice on fixing the issues.


A Capture the Flag (CTF) made by Pentest is a little different from the rest. We curate vulnerabilities that we find in our real-world engagements & seek to replicate them.

Jobs @ Pentest

Fancy coming to work with us here at Pentest? Of course you do! Take a look at our latest opportunities. 

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