Network Reconnaissance Service

Helping you understand your IT network, the assets within it and to identify where potential security issues exist

Our network reconnaissance service

One of the fundamental security challenges within an organisation is the visibility gap between assumed, or known infrastructure, and what exists. After all, if you can’t see a legitimate device on your network then how can you properly defend it?

Similarly, if you are missing legitimate devices, are you also missing unauthorised ones too? Devices that could provide backdoors into your network and leave your infrastructure exposed.

Whether it’s because of merger activities, personnel changes, or infrastructure changes over time, it is estimated that the average ‘shadow IT’ visibility gap in large organisations is around 40% of the total network infrastructure.

Our network reconnaissance service is designed to provide you with an accurate, 360-degree view of your IT network and the assets within it, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to your security.

Understand your IT network

Our network reconnaissance service provides real-time visibility of connected devices across your entire IT network and the output can easily be shared with internal tools such as SIEM solutions.

Identify potential weaknesses

We will help you uncover potentially unsecure assets and look to identify potential weaknesses within your IT, weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious threats.

Support security improvement

Our job doesn’t finish on delivery of a report, our consultants will be available following our engagement to pass on their wealth of expertise and support your improvement efforts.

What we review

Whether you’re looking for a one-off review of your digital network or a regular assessment, our network reconnaissance service is tailored to your needs, utilising both software tooling and security consultancy services to ensure you get the best possible results.

Our service typically consists of two testing phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

The discovery phase uses non-invasive techniques to gather a list of domains, IP ranges, and other assets believed to belong to the organisation. Once we have a list, we will confirm ownership of these assets and seek approval to obtain further information.

Phase 2: Active Reconnaissance

During the active reconnaissance phase, network traffic will be sent directly to the approved assets, allowing us to enrich the asset register with details such as the open ports, software versions running, and screenshots of any web applications or services.

Not sure what type of testing you need?

Our team will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide a no obligation proposal based on your needs.

Our approach

The security confidence we provide doesn’t come from a one size fits all solution.

Every network reconnaissance engagement goes through a rigorous process to ensure you get the best possible results for your organisation. Below we outline the key stages our engagements go through:

1. Client Focused Scoping

We work closely with you, and your stakeholders, to fully understand your business and to ensure our engagement fully meets your requirements.

2. Proposal

A bespoke proposal of work will be drawn up outlining the approach we intend to take, any prerequisites needed & the time required to perform the engagement.

3. Engagement

Our engagement will commence on the agreed upon date and our consultants will communicate with you throughout the process, to your set requirements.

4. Reporting

Our detailed report will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your network, potential security concerns and our detailed security advice.

5. Post-Test Support

Our job doesn't finish on the delivery of a report. We make our consultants available after your test to provide clarification on findings & pass on their wealth of expertise.

6. Further Requirements

Once you have a complete understanding of your network, we can work with you to understand any future information security requirements and help prioritise next steps.

Like the sound of our approach?

You can find out more about our test process and why it sets us apart.

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