Supporting those who support us all – Xploro

In April 2020, we announced that we had teamed up with JoinZoe to assist them with the security of their COVID-19 symptom tracking app on a pro bono basis. We saw this as a great start to our pro bono efforts, but we wanted to do more. To continue to help those who are supporting us all.

As a team, we made a commitment, we wanted to offer security support to as many companies as we possibly could, companies that were going above and beyond to help vulnerable people during this difficult time.

It was shortly after this that we saw a LinkedIn post from Dom Raban, the CEO and Co-Founder of a company called Xploro, saying “We have some big news – we’re making Xploro free of charge for families in the UK with kids going through cancer treatment during the current lockdown.”

This was exactly the kind of cause we wanted to help with, and we are proud to have teamed up with Xploro to provide a security test of their platform.

For those who don’t know, Xploro is an award winning and clinically validated health information platform that uses augmented reality, gameplay and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to young patients, in a way which makes them feel empowered, engaged and informed, whilst having fun at the same time.

We are extremely grateful to Dom, and the Xploro team, for letting us assist them with their amazing work and to play just a small part in their fantastic ongoing efforts.

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